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» License plate collecting is our part-time hobby.

» We are officially known as Authentic License Plates Tag Shack (ALPTS) or Tag Shack for short!

» Our online vintage license plate store features only authentic license plate collections -- real and genuine -- no imitiation or fake plates.

» We offer unique collectible license plates -- cheap, discount, wholesale prices on expired license plates.

» We also offer clean license plates for hobby, collection, trading, arts, crafts, decoration, gifts, inspiration, and education.

» We do not offer license plates for registration to any vehicle whatsoever!

» Our inventory includes old, used, antique, vintage, classic, specialty, vanity, and number license plates from all types of vehicles.

» We offer many plate types such as antique, apportioned, automobile, bus, car, college, university, dealer, government, handicapped, Indian tribe, military, motorcycle, motor home, passenger, non-passenger, school bus, specialty, trailer, truck, vanity, vintage, wildlife, and many more.

» We not only offer genuine, expired DMV government issued license plates from all 50 USA states, we also offer real license plates from foreign international world countries.

» We are easy to visit and easy to remember! You may access our online vintage license plate store through our official store name URL or through our nickname URL!



Tag Crafts: License Plate Art and Craft Project Ideas, Kits, and Plans

» Tag Crafts is owned by Authentic License Plates Tag Shack (ALPTS), so Tag Crafts can only be found here!

» Tag Crafts offers creative license plate art and crafts. Discover ways to recycle, upcycle, reuse, and repurpose old license plates!