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Learning Projects

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                          License Plate Education Connection
                     How can license plates make learning fun?


Learning with License Plates

Hands-on learning is an activity-centered approach to teaching that enhances retention. Students are not merely spectators … they are part of the learning process. This learning concept fosters independent thinking, stimulates interest, encourages creativity in problem solving, enhances decision-making abilities, and ultimately promotes student independence.

Educators are discovering creative ways to integrate old license plates from US states and world countries into curriculum as hands-on teaching-learning tools. Such colorful and diverse visuals stimulate students, promote learning, enhance retention, and make learning fun! Parents, teachers, and mentors can use license plates to stimulate learning.

Authentic License Plates Tag Shack is happy to be the first license plate store to offer suggestions to classroom and home school teachers on how to integrate unique license plates into lesson plans. We would love to hear from you ... let us know how you use plates for educational enrichment!


  1. Teamwork, Planning and Cooperation: Divide students into teams. Ask each team to plan and create a license plate display that relates to a particular unit of study, such as US state/world history, geography, culture, or heritage.
  2. Teamwork, Research, Communication and Computer Skills: Divide students into teams. Ask each team to choose a license plate from a US state or a world country as a topic for a research report, a speech, or a PowerPoint presentation.
  3. US and World Geography: Use license plates as flash cards to teach state names, country names, geographic locations, state slogans, state birds, state flowers, famous landmarks, and capital cities.
  4. Art, Expression and Creativity: Ask students to select a license plate, to draw/paint that license plate, and to write a paragraph describing what they find interesting about the state/country and the tag.
  5. Creativity, Art and Design: Ask students to create, draw, or paint an original license plate design. Students can then prepare a paragraph, a speech, or a PowerPoint presentation describing their creation and their inspiration.
  6. Learning Environment: Decorate cubbies, workspaces, and media labs with tags to move your classroom from drab to fab. A happy student is a happy learner!
  7. Culture, Heritage and History: Each US state/world country has unique license plates that tell stories about its physical features, culture, heritage and history. Integrate such tags into teaching plans accordingly to spice up lesson plans and to hold student interest.
  8. Memorization Skills: Use license plates in classroom games to challenge students to recall important events, people, and facts from particular US states and world countries.
  9. Spelling and US State Capitals: Place a selection of US state license plates in a pile upside down. Sit as a group on the floor or around a table. Ask each student to individually draw a plate from the pile, look at it, and turn it back over front-side-down. The student will then spell the state name, recall the state capital, and briefly describe something special or unique about that state.
  10. Organization and Communication Skills: Encourage students who are interested in license plates to begin a collection. Establishing a collection can greatly improve a student’s organizational and communication skills.