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License Plate Collector Guide: Old used antique vintage rare collectible license plates

A Tag Shack Guide for License Plate Collectors

Why Collect License Plates?

For Fun: Collect genuine license plates for fun. Set goals on your collection efforts, such as acquiring an authentic license plate from each US state or from particular world countries. Find cheap old used license plates for sale and plates4collectors!

For Meet-ups: Find and meet new friends who share the fun of license plate collecting. Join local and regional license plate associations that promote license plate collecting and education. Meet new people of all ages and from various professions.

For Souvenir: Collect used authentic license plates as souvenirs. Obtain tags from particular places that you have visited or from locales and organizations that support your heritage, profession, occupation, life history, beliefs, hobbies and interests.

For Trade: Trade real license plates. Trade tags with friends and family to get you closer to your collection goals. Find oldpl8s and USAplates for sale!

For Arts and Crafts: Design arts and crafts from real license plates. Kids and adults can become project engineers! Tags can be cut, bent, twisted and otherwise formed into unique arts and crafts – a great way to encourage creativity.

For Décor: Decorate with authentic license plates. The vast diversity of license plates means you can uniquely define any space with style and creativity. Old license plates can transform any room or restaurant into a conversation masterpiece. They can turn a party or special occasion into a truly memorable event.

For Gifts: Genuine license plates make personal gifts. Give a particular license plate to commemorate a special day – first meeting, first date, anniversary, vacation, birthday, graduation, marriage, family birth, heritage, occupation, promotion, special achievement.

For Education. Authentic license plates feed education. Kids and adults can learn so much from license plates – world history and geography, USA state history and geography, colleges, universities, councils, academies, organizations, sports, world events.

For Recycle. Return license plates to our resource pool. Recovering and recycling used license plates turns potential trash into treasure. License plate collecting encourages environmental protection and reduces landfill debris. You can feel good about having fun!


Where to find license plates?

• Search license plates for sale at Find real, authentic license plates. No fake or imitation license pl8s.

• Tag Shack is your depot for used, antique, and vintage license plates from USA states and from countries all around the world.

• Tag Shack also sells unique license plates crafts for décor and gift-giving.


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